The Next-Gen Benchmark Software KlayMark Announced

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The Next-Gen Benchmark Software KlayMark Announced

Postby gongminmin » Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:22 am


After a long planning, I’m glad to announce that we are starting to develop a next-gen benchmark software: KlayMark.


KlayMark uses KlayGE as its engine. It’s a cross-platform benchmark software, which utilities a variety of advanced rendering technologies. While providing great visual quality, it marks the system’s overall performance. For both PC and mobile platform, KlayMark uses a uniform marking method. So that the scores between different platforms are comparable.

Although many new technologies are integrated, KlayMark will still in very high efficiency, low system requirement, and good cross-platform ability.

Release plan

The source code of KlayMark will be released later than it’s binary edition, just like the way in Doom and Quake.

Considering the differences between platforms, the release of KlayMark 1.0 will be separated into several waves.

Wave 1: The development cycle is about 1 year. Support D3D10+ and OpenGL on Windows. Support pad with Tegra 2+ on Android.
Wave 2: Support pad and phone with PowerVR 5+, Mali-4+ on Android. Support iOS.
Wave 3: Support MacOSX and Linux.
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