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KlayGE 4.0.0 released!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:13 pm
by gongminmin
With the effort of the whole team, KlayGE 4.0.0 released today! As a major update, KlayGE is starting to evolute from a bunch of independent feature sets to a Deferred Rendering based system. And a new platform Android is supported, too. The main updates are:
  • Deferred Rendering layer is integrated into Core
  • Global illumination speed-up much
  • Support Android (Assisted by Rui Wang)
  • Support real-time caustics (by Parsifal Wang)
  • Skinning by dual quaternion (by Honyeung Lau, Xiaoyang Zhu)
  • Add resource loading framework (Designed by Peng Guo)
  • Improved SSVO (by Ye Wu)
  • Skinning data compression
  • Use Phong Tessellation instead of PN-Triangles
  • Support render-to-texture-array
  • Support parallax occlusion mapping

You can download KlayGE 4.0.0 here.

Meanwhile, starting from 4.0, KlayGE is switched to dual license: A open source license GPL and a proprietary one KlayGE Proprietary License (KPL). Details in Licensing.