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KlayGE 4.1 released

PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 5:30 am
by gongminmin
With the collaboration of the team, KlayGE 4.1.0 released today! In this version, we’re focus on performance gain and features improvement, meanwhile preparing for the next generation benchmark software KlayMark. The main updates are:

  • Switch to cmake
  • Independent KFont library for font read/write
  • Screen space reflection (by Parsifal Wang)
  • FFT lens effects
  • Stereo rendering without performance penalty (by Rui Wang)
  • Faster GI (by Shunbin Chen)
  • Collision detection utilities (assisted by Xiaoyang Zhu)
  • Better OpenGLES compatibility
  • Add atmospheric scattering
  • Add SSGI
  • A JIT for effect system
  • Add new tools
  • Add tutorials
  • Enhanced 3DSMax exporter

You can download KlayGE 4.1 here.

KlayGE 4.1 is still using dual license: A open source license GPL and a proprietary one KlayGE Proprietary License (KPL). Details in Licensing.