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KlayGE's code depends on these following third-party libraries and tools. Since 3.12.0, the source code of these libraries are included in KlayGE. Users can run to build and install them. Before running the building script, Python 2.7+ and CMake 3.4+ must be installed.


Here is a full list of libraries under External folder in 4.15.

Name Version CMake Provided Need to Build Usage License
7-zip Forked git (Fixes for UWP and Android) No Yes Runtime LGPL/BSD-3-clause
android_native_app_glue Patched 16B No No Runtime Apache 2
assimp git Yes Yes Dev BSD-3-Clause
boost Slimmed 1.70.0 partly used Yes, but not used Yes Runtime Boost
cxxopts git Yes No Dev MIT
d3dcompiler N/A No No Dev DirectX SDK EULA
FreeImage Forked git (Fixes C++17, MinGW, and ARM) No Yes Dev GPL
freetype git Yes Yes Dev FreeType (BSD-style)
googletest git Yes Yes Dev BSD-3-Clause
libogg git Yes Yes Runtime BSD
libvorbis git Yes Yes Runtime BSD
nanosvg git No No Dev Zlib
openal-soft git Yes Yes Runtime LGPL
Python Forked git (Fixes for UWP and MinGW) No Yes Runtime Python Software Foundation (BSD-style)
python-cmake-buildsystem Forked git (Fixes for Android, iOS, Python 3.7, and MinGW) Yes Yes Dev Apache 2
rapidjson git Yes No Runtime MIT
rapidxml git No No Runtime MIT
UniversalDXSDK git No No Dev MIT
wpftoolkit Forked git (Change the output directories) No Yes Dev Ms-PL
zlib git Yes Yes Runtime Zlib

Other than these libraries, you may need to install an OpenGL ES SDK to build glloader_es and OpenGLES rendering system. Google ANGLE is a good choice.