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Tool chain for artist

KlayGE Toolchain.png

Other tools

  • Normal map generator, converts height map to normal map.
  • Distance map generator, generates distance map from height map or 3D volume.
  • OpenGL compatibility checking tool.
  • HDR compressor, compresses both cubemap and 2D HDR textures.
  • Normal map compressor, provides 2:1 or 4:1 compression ratio.
  • Distance-based font generator, converts a vector font to the format that engine uses.
  • FXML2Shader tool, converts a FXML effect script to HLSL or Cg shader.
  • Juda texture packer, packing multiple textures into a single Juda Texture.
  • Color Grading texture generator.
  • Normals Fitting generator.
  • Normal map to height map generator.