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Archive for July, 2007
[zh] 兼容Vista 32/64 使用pbo加速纹理填充 改用7z作为打包格式 加强了3DS Max插件 RenderEffect增加了Clone方法 去掉了RenderTarget和RenderWindow 去掉了Triangle fan的拓扑方式 增加了UI系统 增加了Depth of field例子 去掉了对Wav的支持 启用了新的thread和thread_pool[/zh] [en] Compatible with Vista 32/64 Use pbo to accelerate texture filling Use 7z as packaging format Enhanced 3DS Max plug-in Add Clone function to RenderEffect Remove RenderTarget and RenderWindow Remove Triangle fan primitive topologic Add UI system Add Depth of field sample Remove support of Wav format New thre ...