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Archive for May, 2010
[zh]英文版的网站上线了[/zh] [en]English version of this site gets online[/en]
[zh] 关于渲染系统的架构图和打包系统的使用方法。 [/zh] [en] Please See Architecture of Rendering System and Packing System: [/en]
[zh]申请了新的顶级域名:。请大家更新收藏夹吧![/zh] [en]KlayGE is hosted on a new top-level domain: Please update your bookmarks![/en]
[zh] KlayGE SVN中的字体生成工具更新了,速度提高3倍以上,同时并行性更好,速度可以基本线性地随着core数增长。相关文档也更新了,参见:KlayGE中的字体系统 Revision 2。 [/zh] [en] KFont Generator in SVN is updated, takes more than 3x speed up. In the same time, the parallel ability has been improved. Processing speed can now grow with the number of CPU cores linearly. Related document is also updated, please see: Font system in KlayGE revision 2 (in Chinese)! [/en]