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今年Gamefest的材料放得比较慢,之前公开过一小部分,直到现在才都公开。有兴趣的可以到Microsoft downloads直接用"gamefest 2011"搜索下载。 Chuck Walbourn的blog列举了一些Windows开发者感兴趣的主题,供大家参考: Performance How Valve Makes Games Better with XPerf (Windows Performance Toolkit) (US | Valve PDF Valve Code) Scaling Your Game to N Cores: A Deep Dive on Tasking (US UK) Direct3D Modern Texture Content Pipelines (US UK Code) Symbolic Differentiation in HLSL (US UK Examples) Tiled Resources for Xbox 360 and Direct3D 11 (US UK Code) Visual C++ Agile C++ Game Dev ...
不经意间发现已经有很小一部分Gamefest 2011的演讲已经可以下载到了,包括: Modern Texture Content Pipelines (UK) Modern Texture Content Pipelines (US) Tiled Resources for Xbox 360 and Direct3D 11 (UK) 完整的列表早已公开,但还没提供下载链接。上面那三个(或者说两个)就当作先睹为快吧。 它们的代码分别也可以在这里和这里找到。